Kathy Cannon

eLearning consultant and instructional designer in Cambridge, Massachusetts


What do you do as an eLearning Consultant?  

I seek to help people who are trying to teach and learn using web-based educational software.

I administer any software that is currently called a “Learning Management System” or LMS. By re-configuring or adding-on to the existing interface, I make the instructional experience more intuitive for students and their teachers, bringing more focus to the course content.

I specialize in the eLearning software called Moodle. I am not limited to working with Moodle, but I favor its unique capabilities for structuring compelling learner-led activities.

I make myself available to help educators grow their eLearning enterprise from a speculative venture to a scalable operation.


Are you available for new contracts? How can I reach you directly?

I currently work on a contract basis. Please feel free to send me an email inquiry anytime and I will let you know my upcoming availability.